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True HP Definition

Corrected True HP is the:Actual power under Steady State or Sweep with CORRECT inertial mass value at 20 f/ps delivered to the drive roller of a chassis dyno to which is ONLY added the dyne coast down parasitics and then corrected to existing atmospheric test conditions.

Factory Pro has confidentially refused to exaggerate measured and corrected horsepower figures. Some Dynamometer companies add to measured rear wheel power readings a factor that is based on ESTIMATED rear wheel power losses.

The real quetion is under what power conditions? 125cc? 1200cc? under coasting conditions? with a 3.00x17 bias ply tire? a 190x17 radial tire? New heavy radial tire vs. worn old, light, stock bias ply tire? Who knows? In short, there is NO meaningful "average" tire to get a correct rear tire power transmission loss measurement for all bikes - so obviously, unless they actually measure the power lost in the rear tire, under driven load conditions, NO dyno company should BE ADDING incorrect power figures into the measured power. It's simply wrong.

The fact that they add varying amounts of power to the actual, "true" amount of power delivered and measured to the surface of the drive roller creates a situation that makes it an onerous task to compare power figures from different brands of dynamometer systems. True Rear Wheel Horsepower (tm) is Factory Pro's standard of measuring the power that is actually delivered to the rear wheel. It is honest, true, fair and duplicable. It is the ONLY standard that can be duplicated by the entire industry - regardless of the dyno manufacturer.

Pre Dyno Tuning Checklist:

  • Fuel: A full tank of fresh fuel is needed! We are a VP fuel dealer and stock some race fuel in house or we can order what flavor you like:) If you bring your own fuel please bring in a fresh can
  • Tires: Rear tire must be in good shape...no nails,screws,bald,cords showing or tire plugs will be run on the dyno. If you have a race tire(super soft) or a slick race tire we have dyno tire we can mount on your rim for $60.00 this includes remounting your tire. We have seen too many problems with slick tires...smaller bikes are ok it is the 600's and up. The center of the tire heats up to much...
  • Bodywork: Race bike remove the upper and lower...Streetbike it depends on the bike. We need to get the heat out if the bodywork has nice size openings then we can deal with that. Look at where the exhaust is if it is real close to the bodywork it can melt.
  • Engine: Engine should be in good shape otherwise why bother tuning it? Air filter should be clean and spark plugs should be fresh. Valve adjustment should be current. We need the air injection plugged some are easy to get to and we will take care of it but some bikes are gettting hard to get to the air hoses..like the 2006 up R6 for example..
  • Common issues that will stop us from tuning.

  • Worn out chains and sprockets
  • Oil leaks
  • Excessive noise from valve train components indicating the need for adjustment.
  • Issues found during initial dyno run.
  • Disclaimer:

  • We reserve the right to refuse tuning of any motorcycle found to be mechanically dangerous. We are not responsible for any machine that fails on the dyno.